Summer 2016 has a special place in my heart. The best part of the whole summer was the family vacation I got to go on! The whole summer I was worried I would be too sick to go but thankfully I rested up before we went and made it through. It was so worth it. Although the whole family wasn’t there, they were there in heart! We went to Florida for a week then went on the Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas. I still talk about it all the time! We went to Sea World which was a blast but also very tiring. I don’t know how I feel about sea world because of many articles I’ve read… But anyways that night we ate at Shake Shack which was a place I suggested and I am happy I did! It was my favorite place we ate at all vacation. We did a Segway tour through the town of Celebration. It was very interesting even though we looked so silly! My favorite was the alligator boat tour we went on. It was so beautiful out on the water and the wind blowing in your hair. It was so thrilling whenever an alligator would jump out at you from the water. I would suggest anyone to go do that! In Florida, almost any place with water has alligators in it. So you have to be careful and watch out where you go swimming or even where you just put your feet in the water!  We also went to this beach called the honeymoon beach. It was so beautiful and it had a lot of great shells. The only downside was all the mosquitos! I was coated in bites by the time we left. The whole time we were in Florida it flew by. It felt like we were going on two vacations in one because of the cruise. Once we got on the cruise ship it was very chill. Every night we had dinner at a different restaurant and the food was always great. It was nice to have to get dressed up for them! Always felt very classy. Day 2 we were in the Bahamas at Nassau. It was nothing that I thought it would be but I had the best time there. We went out to a reef and went snorkeling. It was astonishing on how beautiful it was. It was one of those moments where I just wished everyone I loved could be there to enjoy it with me. There was so many different kinds of fish that would just swim right by you; I even swam by a jelly fish. It was crazy. We did a little shopping there too but that was pretty much it for that island. Day 3 we were at cast away cay, which is Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. We did a lot of stuff on the water there. It was lots of fun. We also biked around the island, it was a fast way to get around and enjoy the view. Day 4 was spent on sea and we just chilled and did stuff around the boat. It was all an amazing new experience. I’m very thankful that I got to go on it and that it brought me closer to my family. There was a time where my sisters and I wouldn’t even be able to get along for 10 minutes but now I feel like we are best friends. I think some of that may just be that we are growing up; but I think the rest is that family is important and they are the ones that will always be there for you. This summer was for sure one to remember. It has made me all around a better person with closer bonds with many people!

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