I am no expert on working out but I do know what works best for me! I workout in the morning about 4 days a week. Before I get started this is what I usually always do.
1: the right mood- you can do this by playing some upbeat music and having motivation to do so! If you aren’t in the right mood to work out you’re not going to have a good workout.
2: hydrate- hydration is key🔑 Being hydrated is what burns calories! During workouts we tend to become dehydrated as we’re sweating. So every 10 minutes you need to drink up. Before hand drink about 24 ounces 30 minutes before you do start. It also affects your performance. When you’re dehydrated you won’t do as well and may even start to get dizzy. That is when you need to sit out, take a break and drink up! So drink up before, during, and after. 💦 A good app to track how much water you’ve drank or need to drink is Waterlogged.
3: eat up – you’re body needs fuel! You need carbs and protein. There are lots of snacks or small meals you can try! I always just go for something easy. I have peanut butter on toast & a ripe banana. Making sure it is ripe will make it easier on the stomach. Try to eat an hour or two before you do start. If you go into it when you just ate then you won’t be able to preform at your best because your muscles are digesting the food.
4: The get up- I always wear my hair up in a tight bun on the top of my head. It is always out of my face when I’m laying flat on the ground I won’t get a headache from laying on a ponytail. I find that not wearing any make up is what works out best for me because it lets my face air out. I work out in a good supportive sports bra and some mesh soffe shorts which you can find both at target! Then I can always count on my nike free runs!
Now this is what you probably actually came her for. MY ACTUAL WORKOUT

I don’t do anything intense but I do like to get the blood flowing and keep my body in shape!
Squats: 2 x 15

Bulgarian split squats 2 x 10

Split squat 2 x 10

Side lying leg lifts 2 x 15

Clamshell 2 x 15

V sit ups 3 x 7

Donkey kicks 2 x 15

Plank 30 sec

Legs up the wall 5 mins

I like to go in the order because it is what flows the best for me. Ending with the legs up the wall helps give your heart a rest. It reduces how hard it has to pump and slows your heart rate back down. It will help if you’re out of breath or even stressed. After I’m done with my workout I like to shower and change into some comfy clothes! If you don’t shower after the sweat can clog your pores and can cause acne. No one wants that! That’s pretty much all I do for my workouts! Not that much too it! Hope this can help you, if you have any advice or would like to share what some of your favorite workouts are, feel free to comment down below!

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