Hello everyone! I’m pretty sure every loves October because of Halloween. (Which is in 11 days😮) It’s all fun n games until you have the candy hangover on November 1st. I have been gluten free for awhile now and I was thinking the other night, “what candy can I eat!?” I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that. So here is a list of candy that is gluten free that you might find in your candy bucket. If it is gluten free it’ll have the symbol on it, when in doubt check or even google and see! Better to be safe then sorry! Have a fun, safe Halloween everyone. 😋

* Hershey kisses

* Mounds

* Heath bars

* Paydays

* Reese’s fast break bar

* Regular Reese’s peanut butter cups

* Regular Reece’s pieces

* Regular rolos

* Skor

* Regular York peppermint patties

* M&ms (except pretzel flavor)

* 3 musketeer bars

* Snickers

* Regular butterfingers

* Goobers

* Baby Ruth

* Bit- o – honey

* Oh Henry

* Sno – caps

* Pixy stix

* Laffy taffy

* Fun dip

* All Tootsie Roll products

* Smarties

* Jelly belly jelly beans

* Jelly belly candy corn

* Necco Wafers

* Mary Jane

* SkyBar

* Atomic fireballs

* Brachs lemon drops

* Now & later

* Red hots

* Juju’s

* Warheads (except Jelly beans, twist, coolers & candy canes)

* Tic tac’s

* Mike & ikes

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