Doctor Day 

Happy Thursday everyone! I am in Chicago to see my P.O.T.S. I had to wake up bright and early at 5:30, get ready, and be out of the house by 6 to get on the road! It’s about a 2 & 1/2 hour drive there but then you have the morning traffic which makes it even longer. I hate long car rides because for me with my pots I don’t do great unless I’m laying down. Having to sit in the car sitting up for hours takes it toll for sure on me. Then I felt even more sick on top of it because I took my medicine before I left the house, on an empty stomach. I packed cereal bars though which helped!  Something that is a must though is the Dixie chicks! It works out great because that’s something my mom and I both like so that’s what we listened to the whole way there! 
Once we got there, we had a long wait because we arrived around 9:40 and my appt wasn’t until 10:30. We saw the nurse then had to wait until 12 to see the actual doctor. (This day consisted of a lot of waiting) The good news she said that there is hope for me, which is really great news to hear. I have to have my heart monitored for the next 24 hours but it’s nice since I can go home and do it. Also going to be cutting back on my medicines which is even better. I hate taking lots of meds. I am so exhausted from all the walking we had to do though today. 
We got to eat lunch at this new place for us, called M Burger. It was super good! My mom and I both got cheeseburgers, fries, & shakes. Which it was not gluten free so I felt very sick the whole car ride home. (which we also got stuck in the afternoon traffic) (also go cubs!💙)
I’m about to get ready for the night and take it easy. Hope you all had a good day!

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