Chicken Rice Soup 

Happy Thursday everyone. It’s starting to get cold out and that means it is time to start cookin up some soups. This is one of my favorites, especially since it’s gluten free. If you like chicken noodle soup you will like this! You can play with the ingredients to your preference. This is just a guideline and how I basically make mine. I hope you enjoy! If you try it out, tell me how it turns out 🙂  

•1 tbs extra virgin olive oil 

•1/4 onion 

•1/2 garlic clove 

•1 big carrot or 10 baby carrots 

•2 celery ribs 

•1 bay leave 

•1 quart chicken stock with 1 cup water (not all are gluten free I just use all water) 

•5 cups water (if you are doing just water) 

•3/4 cup long grain white rice

•chicken ( I use a bag of already grilled chicken, it makes it easy for recipes but you can use any chicken you want but make sure it gets cooked all the way) 

•spices of choice 

1: Chop the first 6 ingredients and add them into a soup pot and heat them up for about 2-3 minutes so all the veggies get soft. 
2:Add chicken stock/water, chicken, rice, and spices. 
3:Once water gets to a boil put on medium heat and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Occasionally stir.  You want to make sure the chicken is all the way cooked so you don’t get sick. 
4: Enjoy! 🙂

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