Hey everyone, Happy Thursday! It’s already May!? Can you believe that?! Anyways, happiness is such a weird thing. It’s something everyone wants but struggles to have. But the real question is, why is it so hard to have? It seems like it should be simple, right?

I struggled with having genuine, full hearted happiness until here recently. I found it with 3 simple steps. Make expectations realistic, detox from negativity, and find who you are.

realistic expectations
: This is simple. If you don’t have expectations you won’t get let down. If you want something from someone that you know probably won’t happen, that’s unrealistic and you’re just going to get let down.

detox from negativity
: In life, you will want to be surrounded with positivity so it can influence you. Being around negative energy will mess with you, not in a good way.

find who you are
: Finding who you are is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You need to know what you want, and what you deserve. What you want can be all sorts of things. Whether it’s in your job or your S.O. You can get it all if you truly want it. Anyone can find a way. What you deserve pretty much is how the people around treat you and whether where your at in life is best for you.

I have a post on it awhile back about my break up but that’s what truly started it all for me! It was the best thing for me. It changed my mindset on life. I gave up all my expectations because I was tired of getting let down by all my unrealistic ideals. I stopped talking and spending time with anyone who wasn’t making a positive impact on my life. I spend time with people that when I’m around them, I’m best me possible. Then, I found myself. This breakup made me realize what I wanted and deserved. I want my job to be my passion, nothing less. I want success, health, and true love. It also made me realize how much I was wasting my life away to this illness! I was determined to change that. It was bad enough for me to start taking all these new vitamins, licorice tea (which taste like grass), and an hour of cardio a day. I will write a more in depth post about it here soon, but I truly haven’t felt this good in a hot minute! Which has made things great! I deserve a love that doesn’t have unrealistic expectations and something that is real and genuine. I’m not going to settle for something I don’t deserve. I have accepted my illness for what it is, my appearance, & everything that has happened in the past. That is another thing; you can’t hold onto the past. It doesn’t do anything good for you but creates negative energy. Everything happens for a reason. All the mistakes are just lessons. You can look at everything with a negative attitude and be say “why me” which I’m sure everyone has felt that way once or twice! But you can also look at life with a positive attitude and stay open minded.

Wow that got off track!? But I think my main point still got in there.

Life is a journey. I hope you all find you’re happiness. If you guys want more post like these, make sure to give it a like! Leave a comment on what makes you happy!

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