Hey everyone, Happy Thursday! Crazy that spring is already almost over. The first day of summer is June 20th. It’s going to be here before we know it!?! This spring I’ve been trying out a lot of products and have gathered a few favorites. I’m going to do 5 on here and the other 5 on my YouTube Channel!

•E.L.F. Golden bronzer palette

Elf is a good drugstore brand. Everything is really affordable, for example, this is only $4. This palette has four shades in it. It has a gold, warm tone brown, cool tone brown, and a peachy pink blush. They all are very shimmery. This palette is so handy. You can build the colors up. It is very pigmented and is great for creating an all over Glow without it looking bad. It creates a blend between the colors so you don’t just have a line of bright highlight!

LA Tan Luxury Sunless Mousse Black Bronze

I’m very pale and don’t naturally tan well. I feel more confident when I am tan though. I’ve tried a lot of fake tans and this is by far my favorite. Most tans turn orange or are just so obvious it’s fake. This tan has the most natural color to it. It has this red hint to it which I think is what makes it looks natural. The color shows up instantly when you’re applying it. This is nice so you don’t miss anything. It dries very fast which is good and bad. It’s nice because the product sets in and you can move on with your day after applying it. It’s bad because you have no extra time when applying it, you have to blend it out as soon as you apply it and work in sections. I love this tan. It’s pretty affordable and looks great. I totally recommend it for any of you who like to fake tan too!

•Walnut Avenue Mahogany Driftwood candle

Am I the only one who’s picky on scents?! I get migraines very easily, so any fruity/floral scents are out of the picture. This candle is described as mahogany and cedar wood scents, along with light floral notes. I don’t know what those woods particularly smell like but I don’t think it smells like this candle. It smells like you’re basic men’s cologne. It’s strong but not overpowering. This description isn’t doing the justice for this candle. Just know, it’s great! I recommend it!!!

LifeTrak Brite R450

Everyone knows I love watches! This is one of the best health watches that I know of! It records so much information. Some unique features are that it tracks your heart rate, bright light exposure, and your sleep cycle. With pots, this is really handy! Some features that other watches have too, is that it tracks your steps, calories burned, and distance walked at a time. When set, it can track how long your workouts are too. When the watch is hooked to your phone, all your notifications will pop up! I feel like I covered everything that this watch does. The watch comes in different colors. Mine is white with purple. The bands are reversible. It’s ran on a watch battery so you won’t have to charge it every night. This watch is so handy, totally worth the money.

Peppermint Plant

Plants are great people. This has become one of my favorites lately. I love having plants around because they boost your mood and clean the air. I keep this one in my room. Peppermint plants have so many positive benefits! Since the leaves have peppermint oil, animals don’t get around it. It’s to strong of a scent and the oil gets on them. It’s good if you have bugs and mice, for the same reason. They don’t like the scent. That’s a good thing for your room though. I don’t want any bugs in my room, they creep me out! But I love this plant because you can take the leaves and use them for heath benefits! Since I get migraines, peppermint oil is great for that! Also, peppermint is great in food and drinks! This plant is also pretty easy to keep alive. I just put it in front of the window and water it about twice a week. What are your favorite plants?! I’d love to get more!!

I know these favorites were pretty random but they are great! If you want to see more check out my YouTube video. What is some of your spring favorites!?! Leave me a comment. Whether its one of harry styles new songs or the book your reading. If you guys would like to see more favorites let me know! I’ll do one for summer. Hope you guys have a good Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be back next Thursday with a fun post.

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