Hi everyone, Happy Thursday! I’m having post vacation blues. I just came back from a fabulous trip to Canada. It was packed full of sightseeing, eating way too much, and making way to many Canadian jokes.

We drove up through the United States and entered Canada through New York. We stayed in Niagara Ontario, Canada. It was the perfect location to be a tourist of the falls. We went home by driving through Canada and entering the United States through Michigan. We spent a lot of time in the car. It was basically 2 full days in the car and 2 full days in Canada! I don’t want to be in the car again for a good while.

With only 2 days in Canada, our days were jam packed. We first had lunch at the Skylon tower. The whole top of the building rotates so you can see the falls and the town while you eat. We then walked the rainbow bridge and entered the states. There was activities you could do on both sides of the border for the falls. So Sunday we got all of our stuff done there so we could spend the rest of the time in Canada. The lines were crazy long since it was Memorial Day weekend. We got in line for the Maid of the Mist. We waited a good hour for probably a 10 minute ride. It was worth it though because even with wobbly sea legs, nothing would ever compare to being right there in that waterfall. After that we walked a lot more through the park to see the view of the falls from different angles and continued to walk even more back into Canada. (I try to act like I’m fit and active but 20,000 steps a day had me dead) By the time we got back it was night time. The day had flown by and we had dinner and some ice cream. Then we ended our Sunday by going on the Niagara Sky Wheel. It was the first time we saw the falls lit up and it was the perfect ending to a good day.

With Monday being our last day, it was our busiest day. We walked around through the little shops until it was our time to zip line. The Zipline to the Falls was one of my favorite activities we did. I was lucky and got the zipline closet to the water. I felt like I went so slow, which I appreciated. I got more time to see the view, it was unreal. The cold mist hits you while you’re flying down. I would of done it over and over again if I could. At first we debated on even doing it because it had some bad reviews but it was totally worth it. By the time that was done, we grabbed lunch, and checked out more of the falls. We went to Journey Behind the Falls which was so unique. You walk through these dark tunnels and get to see behind the waterfall. Inside the tunnels, there was boards full of so many facts. Then you go to this landing and have a whole view of the horseshoe. I was completely soaked even with a poncho. There is so much mist that comes off the falls. It was one of those moments and you stand there and think, wow this world is unbelievable. Everything was just so beautiful, I couldn’t stop saying views from the 6. Before it got dark out, we drove to the Whirlpool Aero Car. Everything was extremely blue and green. It was about a 5 minute ride over this whirlpool surrounded by woods. To end our last day we got Starbucks ( chia tea latte to be exact) and watched fireworks over the Niagara Falls. I couldn’t of asked for a better way to end the trip.

This is basically my first time traveling outside of the country. We went to the Bahamas’s but this was different, in a way. I’ve always had a cRaZy amount of wonderlust, so traveling the world is what I love to do. I want to see everything and anything. I was one of of those people, that would say “first ___ in Canada!” about everything.

All I talk about is about how I’m going to see this world, just wait and see. I’m making my dreams a reality. I’m always telling the people close to me that I wish I was Indy Blue or Alexis Ren. I think I got the closet I’ll ever get too that, this weekend. Between traveling, taking beautiful pictures, and listening to final song, it felt pretty close.

This was one of my favorite vacations yet. It was much needed. I am so appreciative of all the stuff I get to do! It was full of laughter, way to much ginger ale, and beautiful views. If you want to see any of it check out my Instagram, YouTube, and my sisters YouTube. She vlogged the whole trip! Hopefully there will be more travel post in the future! See you guys next week.

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