Hey everyone, Happy Thursday! My summer is off to a great start. I’ve been so busy and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’m determined to make this the best summer yet. I want it filled with memories I can look back on and not regret wasting my time on anything else. As most of you know, I have P.O.T.S. and my life was full of excuses because of it. Well not anymore!! I’m tired of letting my illness run my life! Who wouldn’t be?! I’ve lost so many friends and good opportunities from it.

The people in my life now, I couldn’t be more thankful for. My family and friends are incredible human beings. My family does anything and almost everything I need, and I’m beyond blessed for that. I have made so many friends this year and they’re just as great as my best friends and the friends I’ve had for years. Isn’t it crazy how that happens? I feel like I’ve been missing out on them for so long! I’m just so thankful to have people I can trust and spend time with!

With all these amazing people in my life, they’re making my summer great!! My favorite thing to do is to go on a car ride with the windows down and play my favorite music. If you want to know what kind of music I tend to listen too, check out my music blog post! Thankfully that’s my friends favorite too, so it’s been full of that so far. Then we found a cool hangout spot on this creek near us. I prefer swimming in a creek over a pool for many reasons. It’s so easy to get sunburnt when you’re in the sun all day and by the water though, so make sure to protect your skin and wear sunscreen! You will thank yourself in the long run! I am happy and having fun with my friends no matter what we do. That’s how I know they’re the best of friends for me!

When I’m not with my friends I’m usually with my sisters. We hang at least once a week so we can film a video for Alyssa’s channel. She post every Saturday! Make sure to go and subscribe to her!! We have a lot of fun videos coming up. With summer here, we like to have water ballon fights. It usually ends in only one of us getting soaked and us jumping on the trampoline instead. I literally think of all them as my best friends. We just got back from one of my favorite vacations yet which I wrote about not to long ago! I wish I was always traveling. My sisters and I all have this thing called our “sister vacation” which is basically a huge bucket list we want to do together. One day it’ll happen and I’ll be here writing all about it! It’s always a fun time with them.

If I’m not having fun with my friends or family I’m more then likely at the doctors. I’ve been doing therapy for my back this past month. I have no idea what I did neither do they but my back is pretty messed up, LOL! I feel like I’m working out 24/7. I go to actual therapy twice a week and do workouts twice a day. I’m trying to strengthen my core to support my back. I lost all my muscle from just laying in bed 24/7 being sick. Thankfully that’s not the case anymore. This is perfect timing though, I can get that “summer bod” just in time.

The best thing about this summer is I got tickets for 6 different country concerts! So this weekend I get to see Jake Owen, Eric Paslay, & Lanco! This will be my first concert ever. Isn’t that crazy. I’m 17 years old has been never to a single concert. A girl has dreamt but it’s finally becoming a reality. At the end of the summer I’ll have a post about all 6. I’m going to try and vlog it but no promises! I’m so excited!!

When I get free time I try to take it easy so I don’t overwhelm myself. I either work on this blog, my YouTube channel, or school work. I’m trying to finish “highschool” by December so I’m doing classes all summer. Those three let alone are pretty time consuming!

It may not sound busy but all of this keeps me beyond busy. I’m trying to find a balance between family, friends, and health. I’m loving life and happier then I’ve been in a while.

I hope you all have a great summer! What is your favorite summer activity?! Leave a comment! I hope your summer is packed full of fun and ice cream. I’m posting every Thursday this summer!

Where to find me:

Email: andikubichek@gmail.com
Instagram: andi_kubichek
Pinterest: andi_kubichek
Poshmark: andi_kubichek
YouTube: andi kubichek
Alyssa’s: It’sJustLyss

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