Hi everyone, Happy Thursday! I’m having extreme post vacation blues. All I want to be doing right now is traveling?! Doesn’t it suck when you’re young and broke 😦 but anyways, this summer has been the best yet. I went to Canada as most of you know, then last week I was in Wisconsin. I know I say this about every trip but honestly this was my all time favorite vacation and let me tell you why.

Most of the vacation I take are jammed packed with activities which make it stressful. They are so draining. Like sure I love everything I do and have so much fun but a vacation should be relaxing. And that was exactly what this trip was. It was just a week full of relaxing and doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

So basically we left on a Saturday afternoon made a few stops and arrived at the wonderful cabin on Sunday afternoon. This place was deep in the woods. I’m talking about you didn’t get cell service and all you saw was water or trees. It was so peaceful and just what I needed.

This vacation just really made me value everything more. So my best friend was nice enough to take me and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I find it rare these days to have someone that would do that for you and want to spend a week straight with you. LOL. I feel like it just made us become even better friends! I’m thankful for that family for always welcoming me in.

When it came time to do something I would be so energized and ready to take anything on. We spent a lot of time on Eagle River. It’s so beautiful. Every morning we would wake up and take the paddle boards up the creek and sit down on the way back and let the current take us. It was peaceful because we would just chit chat and soak up the fresh air. At night we would go out fishing because that’s when the fish were out the most. I had the worst luck fishing but I still caught 3 fish. One day we went floating behind the boat and as much as it was relaxing it was a big mistake. No one put sunscreen until it was too late. We had been floating for about an hour in the sun on the water just roasting. Thankfully mine turned into a nice tan but big lesson learned was to always put on sunscreen. It’s so important people.

On a real note, I have to say one of the best things on this vacation was all the good food. For breakfast we would either snack on fruit or go to the Sunrise Lodge. Everyone was hyping that place up and I don’t blame them. As most of you know, I’m gluten free; this place had gluten free pancakes and it didn’t even cost extra!!! Like how rare but amazing is that?!? If you ever go there, try there waffles with whip cream and strawberries you won’t regret it! Then throughout the day we would snack on black cherries, chips, icecream, or protein bars. My best friend and I realized we are now obsessed with cherries. Every night we would have the best home made meals. We would always have some kind of meat, salad, and veggies. Then to top it off we would end it with s’mores. I tried so many new things and loved everything.

I’m getting off topic but my point is, I love traveling. This vacation made me realize how much it truly makes me happy and all the traveling I want to do. All I talk about is the vacations I have planned. One day it’ll all happen and it will be documented right here on this blog. This trip was absolutely amazing. I’m very thankful for such great people in my life. I’m full of happiness and came back more relaxed than ever. What’s your favorite spot to travel too?! Leave me a comment!! Hope you guys had a fun safe 4th of July! See everyone next week!

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2 thoughts on “Traveling North 

  1. As I’m sure you already know, I LOVE to travel to the beach. Resting to the sound of the waves coming in is the very best. I will be headed to Tybee Island in September! I’m so happy that you had a good restful vacation. 💜

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  2. Ill agree with you on that! Thanks💛💛 I got invited last summer to go to Tybee with them but sadly I was too sick ☹️ hope you have a good trip, it’ll be here before we know it! 🌎


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