Hi everyone, Happy Thursday. Can you believe it’s already August?! That means there is only 4 months left of 2017. That’s crazy to me.

This summer I’ve been so busy. I haven’t had a lot of time to write, especially this week. I’ve been out of town all week. Between celebrating my sisters birthday, spending time with friends, and going to concerts; it has been eventful.

With all that, I thought for today’s post I would write something that would let you guys get to know me more.

I’m going to be doing 8 facts about me. Just a few things that I thought I would share that describe who I am.

1. I am an Aquarius & it fits my personality perfectly.

2. My favorite color is red. It always has been. I always say that I choose red because my birthday is right around Valentine’s Day. So it just goes along with it. Just an excuse to love the color.

3. I’m obsessed with sunsets. When I was going through a hard time, my mom told me just to find something beautiful in everyday. Usually, that would be the sunsets. They always out maze me. The world can make some stunning creations.

4. I love music so much. I have such a wide range I like. If I had to choose 5 artist that I could only listen too for the rest of my life it would be The Dixie Chicks, Black Bear, The Weeknd, The All-American Rejects, and John Mayer.

5. I’ve always struggled with health. Ever since I was little I would catch common cold easier then others. Up until my teen years it was pretty much just that, colds. But I got sick with mono and it triggered my pots. Ever since it has been a big unhealthy mess. Thankfully I’m doing better then I was a year ago and that’s all I could ask for, is to keep getting better!

6. I am gluten free. It was funny because the other day my friends and I were naming cool “talents” about each other and my best friend tells me “andi, I think your main talent would have to be at how good you are at staying gluten free.” I laughed for a good 5 minutes. But it’s true, it can be tricky but to me, it’s worth. I’m not allergic nor do I have celiacs, however it does make me very sick. It gives me migraines and makes it hard for me to breathe. So I’m not sure what that means but I don’t think it could be good for me. LOL.

7. My heart belongs to traveling. As times goes by the more wanderlust fills within me. I believe I’m the happiest when I’m traveling. I hope one day this blog is full of travel post.

8. I love singing. I will sing a song even when i don’t know the words. How is that possible, I don’t know. It’s always a joke with my friends. There’s nothing more relaxing then going on a car ride, blasting music, and singing like no one is listening.

I hope you guys learned a little bit more about me. I realize this post is on Friday and not Thursday. Sadly I had no internet connection, so my post never uploaded. I hope you guys are having a good summer. See you guys next Thursday!

Where to find me:

Email: andikubichek@gmail.com
Instagram: andi_kubichek
Pinterest: andi_kubichek
Poshmark: andi_kubichek
YouTube: andi kubichek
Alyssa’s: It’sJustLyss Channel

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