Hi everyone, Happy Thursday. How crazy is it that it’s the last day of August. Time just keeps flying past me. August was a busy month for me. Even though it was busy, it was a good one and I am thankful for all the memories!

I spent almost every day with my friends, no joke. This month was full of good laughs and self improvement.

To start off the month, a big group of my friends and I went to a Walker McGuire and Kane Brown concert. It was a good experience. This was my 2nd concert ever. I never really listened to their music before so it was a treat.

Besides that, this month was pretty laid back. I spent most of my time with my friends. We would stay up way too late, laugh way too hard, and spend way too much money. This summer has made me realize how much I should not go shopping, but you can never beat a good deal on cute clothes. (This is me trying to justify buying clothes I don’t need if you couldn’t tell.)

Something else my friends and I have been doing is camping. I forgot how relaxing it is to fall asleep to the sound of nature. We would set up a tent, make a fire, and just chill. Am I the only one that alway eats way to many marshmallows? If you guys want a game changer to your s’mores, use Reece’s instead of chocolate. You will thank me later.

This past weekend my friends and I had a photo shoot for our senior pictures. My friend Gracie is a really good photographer so she was nice enough to take them! In my free time I edited them all. I loved the way they turned out! It was so much fun getting dressed up and being able take pictures with my best friends. I love pictures because it captures a memory forever.

When I wasn’t with my friends, I was more than likely at home doing school work. The school grind don’t stop. I forgot how stressful school truly can be. Thankfully I am almost done!

This month has treated me well. I hope it has been the same for all of you! Are any of you back in school? Leave me a comment! I post every Thursday, see you guys next week! 🙌🏼

Where to find me:

Email: andikubichek@gmail.com
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