Hi everyone, happy Thursday. It has been a hot minute since I have done an Ipsy bag review and that is because last month I didn’t get my bag until early September. So, I figured skipping last month would be no biggy. Here is my thoughts on Septembers:

THE BAG: This bag itself is my favorite yet. It is very edgy, chic, and has minimalistic detail. The bag is black, with a square bold print, a gold zipper, and a purple/blue inside. You could use this bag for multiple things.

MANEFIT Beauty Planner Mask: This month came with two mask. There was the Lily Whitening + Brightening mask and the Mugwort Astringent + Pore Care mask. I am a skincare junkie. There can be pros and cons to face mask. Let’s start with the cons; they can be time consuming, messy, and cause break outs. On the other hand, they can be anti-aging, moisturizing, firming, detoxifying, brightening, and pore minimizing. With these mask, I found that they were messy and time consuming but they were very moisturizing, brightening, pore minimizing, and left me with an overall healthy glow. I wouldn’t leave the leftover serum on for too long because it is very moisturizing so I feel like it has the potential to cause a breakout. Overall, these two mask were pretty good! I would love to try more products from Manefit.

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Radiance Foundation Primer: I have not tried that many primers so I don’t have that much knowledge on them but this one is very nice. I am a big fan of the original Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and this is very similar. It is pore filling and hydrating. The ingredients include amber and bronze pearls which create this bronze glow. This glow makes your skin look so healthy and dewy. It is a great summer time product especially since it can be worn by itself without anything over it. It does make your makeup stay but it causes acne. Since it is a pore filler it clogs them causing a breakout. I don’t think this product is for me because I have sensitive skin and summer just ended but I do think it is a really good product.

COLOURPOP Brow Boss || Light Brown: Colourpop is one of my favorite makeup brands. They have great products that are affordable. I had the Colourpop Brow Pencil which I thought was the same thing but I was wrong. Colourpop came out with a new collection called Brow Boss that is suppose to give you more of a natural finish that is easier for begginers. They have 4 different shades; I got light brown but recently I dyed my hair darker so I wish I could’ve got the dark brown because I prefer a darker brow. With that, this product is great for natural makeup looks or days your brows just need a little bit more definition. The reason why I don’t see this working for glam looks is because it isn’t pigmented that much, so you will be using a lot of the product to build it up. It also comes with a spoolie on the opposite side of the pencil. It’s very convenient because you can brush your brows out and fill them in with the same product. I love it and I will probably repurchase it once I run out.

ELIZABETH MOTT Pop! Goes the Shadow || Toasted:  This eyeshadow is definitely a hit. I’ve realized that Elizabeth Mott’s powders are very fine milled. Personally, i prefer a fine milled powder because it looks more natural and tends to be easier to blend. Also, i haven’t had fall out with this shadow. The color is hard to explain but it is basically a neutral brown with shimmer. It could easily work as a highlighter on darker complexions. It is stunning when it hits the sun. I’ve fallen in love with this eyeshadow and I use it 24/7 now.

ADESSE NEW YORK Gel Effect Nail Lacquer || Deception: I love finding nail polishes that aren’t full of harsh chemicals like this one. The back label says they are “12 Free” meaning they are basically free of common chemicals and things like that. They also are organic, vegan, and cruelty free which is great! The color I got is the color of a grey cement sidewalk. It has very glossy finish but that is from the minerals and essential oils they add in. This color is very light so I don’t know if it is for me. I think it would look better on someone with a darker complexion. I still love the formula and think it is a really good nail polish. I’ll probably look into different colors this brand offers!
Overall September’s bag was good to me. It was full of really good products that I probably will end up repurchasing. Also this bag is going to be getting its full use! Do you guys enjoy reading my reviews? If so, would you like more? Leave a comment down below! I post every Thursday. See you guys next week!

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