Hi everyone, happy Thursday. This past weekend I went to my senior year homecoming with my best friends. It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. My friends looked absolutely stunning. I loved the group I went with. Everything I wore was affordable and in style! I wore all black, green, and gold. Keep reading if you want to know how to get my look!

The Earrings: Anyone that knows me knows that hoop earrings are my signature look. These are my favorite. They are a double gold intertwined hoop. They really complete an outfit.

The Bracelets: I just put on a few black and gold bracelets to compliment my earrings and shoes. I wanted to wear my Daniel Wellington watch but that was out of the picture because it was silver. These bracelets are very cute and simple.

The Shoes: These heels are no joke. They are black, 5 inch heels that point at the toe. Surprisingly they aren’t as uncomfortable as you would imagine. They’re one of my favorite heels I have. I got them from JUSTFAB when I was a member but I don’t think they have them anymore; so I linked the most similar one I could find. The ones I have are the Annaleese in black.

The Dress: This dress was perfect for me. It was a khaki green, faux suede, midi dress. It was a v neck; outlined with a ruffle. This dress was true to its size. It’s currently 50% off but they have only a few sizes left in stock. I loved this dress because it was simple but still was perfect for homecoming. Also since it was a midi, it went to the top of my knee so I didn’t have to worry about getting dress coded. Missguided has a lot of dresses for a good price! They’re definitely worth checking out.

The Nails: I got my nails done the morning of homecoming having no idea what color to pick. I wanted something that would match my dress but would also go with my every day life. When I got to the nail salon this purple/brown shade stood out to me. It had such an earthy tone that it would match my dress and I planned on wearing a lip color to go with it. So, I got a set of acrylic nails in the shade of OPI Squeaker of the House. I love getting my nails done. This shade is so pretty and goes with anything.

The Tan: I’ve been using LA Tan Sunless Mouse in Medium for the past year. It’s my favorite fake tanner I’ve ever used. It has the most natural look to it and is so easy to apply. Not only is it a great looking tan, but it’s actually pretty cheap. I use this tanner whenever I have an event to go too and it usually last 2 weeks! I highly recommend it if you are a fake tanner. I am very pale and with this color green; I felt like it would look best if I was tanner and bronzed. This tanner accomplished all of that without making me look like an orange mess.

The Bag: I surprisingly just used my September’s Ipsy bag. It worked great since it was black with gold detail.

This was pretty much everything I wore to homecoming! It was so fun getting dressed up and dancing the night away! If you have any products that are a must for you, comment down below what they are! Hope everyone has a good weekend! I post every Thursday. See you guys next week.

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Discount codes: 

*Guys I was able to get a 10% coupon code -> “andikubi” for poppyapparel.com -> @poppyapparelshop !! They have all sorts of cute clothes, bags and swimsuits! Also it’s free shipping! Woohoo

*MontBleu gave me a 20% discount for all there products! Use the code BLOG . I will be posting a YouTube video soon testing out some products! They are great quality and super stylish! Definitely worth looking into! No I don’t get money from saying this, I just really believe in their products!




I will be doing a small giveaway on my Instagram once I hit 5000 followers! Make sure to head over there for a chance to win! ✨🎟


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