Hi everyone, happy Thursday. Since 2017 has come to a bittersweet end, I have been reflecting on who and what have made an impact on me. BLOGGERS ARE THE FUTURE. I swear they don’t get enough credit. This year I started actually putting effort into blogging and it took me by surprise. Many hours and late nights have been spent putting out content for you guys and I got a lot of inspiration and motivation from these awesome chicks. I’m going to tell you why I love following them and why I think you would too!

Indy Blue is a travel inspiration. I found Indy on twitter early 2017 right after she released her 2016 video that had gone viral. Ever since, I’ve been a big fan of her. She captures moments in the most creative, heart filled way. Whether it is a blog post or a video it always put me in awe. She has more of a lifestyle personal blog, I would say. It contains personal stories, advice, playlist, and travel stories. She keeps everything so real and at times I find that can be rare to find on the internet. I get a lot of my motivation to travel and see the world so young from her!!! She is showing the world that you can create the life you want. She never fails to put out great content whether it be on her blog, Instagram, or Youtube. Go check her out!


Lynzy is a huge inspiration for many reasons. She does it all. She’s a mom to three kids, a ER PA-C, and a fantastic fashion blogger. Even though I am not a mom, it makes me understand what the moms in my life went through and what one day I will go through. She keeps everything so raw and honest. The community she has created is so active with her and each other. She created the #LateNightNursingFeed for mothers to go to when they are nursing and feel alone or need advice. Motherhood can be hard but Lynzy never fails to show how great it can be. Definitely check her out if you want to see what motherhood is like or and have a love for fashion!


Dani is a well known fashion blogger. She is starting her own movement called “The Sassy Club” to be transparent and raw. She wants everyone to rediscover themselves in 2018 outside of societies expectations. To me, that’s exactly what I need. It’s changing the way I blog. I think it’s awesome when you are just as pretty outside as you are inside, and thats definitely Dani! She will post different outfits ranging from casual to glam! Not only does she share fashion post, she shares her journey with wedding planning and being in a relationship! She post a lot of great content, you guys definitely should check her out!


I found Janni at the end of the year and I am so glad I did. Better late then never! She kills it at blogging. She is a lifestyle/fashion blogger and a designer. I am in love with her style. She basically post every single day and sometimes twice a day. She works with her fiancé Jon Olsson to create all this wonderful content including Youtube and Instagram. On her blog she always begins it with the most beautiful pictures. Her content is so pure yet has such an art to it. The pictures are always so colorful and make you want to travel to these beautiful places. Then she has the caption in Swedish followed with it translated in English. It definitely has inspired me to start blogging more. They originally were from Sweden but they are Globe travelers and are currently living in Monaco. Check them out!


Talk about BOSS BABES!?! I hope you love them as much I do! I think they are going to do great things this year. Who are your favorite bloggers?? I would love to expand my following. I’m going to start posting every Thursday again so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post! If you want me to talk about a certain topic leave it down below or email me! ⤵️ See you guys next week!


Andi Kubi 💕

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