Hi everyone, happy Thursday. I didn’t start editing my pictures until this past year. I take all my pictures on an IPhone 7Plus and use a few different apps to edit them. Each one is great for a few different reasons. I tend to edit my pictures by color. Right now I’m currently going with blues with pops of yellow and green. During the holiday season every picture was red and white. Let’s get into it ->


I find snapseed to be quite confusing to be honest. I only use a few tools from it. I always go in with this app first because they need to be unfiltered. I will use healing to erase anything I don’t want in the picture. That’s usually it for that app. It seems excessive to use a whole different app just for one step but it’s essential in some cases!!

Here’s an example: I had this great picture but there was this boy in the corner and I felt like the picture wasn’t at its fullest potential. So I went in and healed it and as you can see, you would never guess that he was in it! It looks great.


I found this app by watching Marianna Hewitt’s YouTube video on how she edits her pictures. This app is free in the App Store but if you want certain features like the one I use, it’s $8. To me, it’s definitely worth it and has changed my picture game like no other!!! I go to the bottom and hit the triangle made out of 3 circles tool. This tool allows you to mess with the coloring of the photo. So, you can edit the hue, saturation, and luminance of a color.

Here’s an example: My Instagram theme at the moment is blue. So I always take down the saturation on the green, red, and some on the yellow. I take the saturation way up on the blues and adjust the hues to try and get the blues to match to the other pictures. This app is nice because you can choose exactly what you want unlike other apps where you would hit saturation and you turn bright orange along with the bright blue water you wanted.


I feel like this is the most popular app to edit pictures with on your phone. I use this app mostly for the filters. I use the same filter on every picture. Currently for the blue theme I am using the filter M5. VSCO is free but you can buy a membership to get more filters and you can edit videos along with pictures. I am content with the free version but that option is out there. If I don’t think the filter did enough for the picture I use the tools. I will bring the exposure down, clarity up, then I mess with the highlights and shadows. It’s nice because you have a library in VSCO that looks like your Instagram feed so you can see how the pictures will look by each other.

After that I save the picture and post to Instagram!! Also, if you prefer you can watch a short video on the process down below.

It may seem like a lot but it’s definitely worth it. Everyone has different passions and interests and this is definitely mine. I love learning about photography/videography and how to edit. Once I switch to using a DSLR and Lightroom, I will make an updated post! Make sure to check out my Instagram! What apps do you guys use to edit your pictures? Do you like how the pictures look edited or do you prefer the original? Let me know down below! Make sure you guys subscribe so you never miss a post. See you soon! 🙂




  1. I literally just downloaded VSCO on the weekend because it seems popular on the gram, and used it on a selfie today just to play with it. I’m going to check out Snapseed though, for that healing option!


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