Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! It’s been a month since I went on vacation. My family started the year off with a bang by going to Hawaii! I believe it’s the year of travel and I’m all here for it. Traveling has always been a passion of mine so being able to mark off a location on the bucket list truly feels great!

📍Chicago OHare -> Honolulu

We flew with United. It was a 9 hour flight with no stops. I have never been on a flight longer then 5 hours. So, this was new to me. It was long, tiring, and very cramped. But with that, it made the first step off the plane SO much more worth it! Going from -12 degrees Celsius to 21 Celsius was also a big game changer.

📍Disney Aulani Resort

When you think of Disney, you think of “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Aulani is exactly that. Although there is no exciting rollercoaster and churros, there is palm trees, pools, beaches, and Dole whip. Talk about paradise, am I right? They have a few wonderful restaurants. My sisters and I are gluten free and one is dairy free and the restaurants were very allergy friendly about that and had a wide selection of food for us! It’s rare to find that so we were very appreciative. They even have their own luau which was fantastic! It was more traditional which surprised me. They had great food and even had the full pig. The show they put on was a great story and done in such a beautiful way. There was also so many fun activities and classes. You can also rent stuff to go snorkeling and paddle boarding. One thing about Disney is that they always take such good care of their guest!

📍Island Watersports Submarine Scooters

This was an experience unlike anything else. I was so unsure about how I would like this and how it worked. To start off, you go on this beautiful boat ride and if you’re lucky you get to see some dolphins on the way. Once you get to the destination, it’s time to make some moves. My sisters and I decided to go snorkeling and check everything out. I L O V E D this because snorkeling is one of my favorite things ever. We saw at least 25 turtles and 4 different kinds of fish. After that it was our turn to do the scooters. I don’t really know how to describe them besides a Vespa with a dome. You go under water and pop your head into the “submarine” bubble of the scooter. Then, you drive around underwater about 5 meters deep and get to see the fish and turtles. It’s really unique and the glass is magnified so you can see everything better. Over all it was a really cool experience an wasn’t scary what so ever!

📍Paradise Cove Luau

You can’t go to Hawaii without going to a Luau. It’s a Hawaiian tradition that usually is a party or a feast including entertainment. Paradise Cove is actually in walking distance of Aulani so it was very convenient. They had so many fun activities before the show started. They had a flower station, canoeing, gift shop, and much more. Dinner will be good for all of you that aren’t gluten free or vegan but if you follow food restrictions, this won’t be the best. They do have a great interactive show though! I even learned how to hula dance. Everything is in the sand, which I feel like made the experience better! It was a night well spent!

📍Dole Plantation

I didn’t know what to expect going here except that there would be pineapple. It was such a fun, educational surprise. They have a train tour, garden tour, garden maze, restaurant, and gift shop! My family started off at the maze. The 8 of us split into sets of two to make it a little competition to see who could “win”. It’s so much fun and each station you learn something new!! Next, we went on the train tour which was so relaxing! It is a 2 miles ride around the plantation that’s actually in full use! It takes about 20 minutes and they have three trains running so you don’t have to wait in line for long time! You will learn about the history of pineapple and James Drummond Dole. You will get to see a bunch of produce like pineapple, coffee, cacao, and much more, along with the beautiful North Shore. Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and it was pretty good! To finish the day off at the Dole Plantation we got Dole whips! I’m obsessed with these. It’s basically a pineapple nice-cream! So yummy. If you are a pineapple lover it is definitely a cool place to check out.

📍Whale Watch Cruise

The best months to watch for whales is January through March. I’m not quite sure the company we went with but there are so many good ones all through out Hawaii! It was so much fun because it was such a beautiful boat! The whole time there was such a gorgeous view; half the time there was even a rainbow! The front of the boat had the netting to sit on so you could see the water underneath, which I enjoyed. It made it more of an enjoyable experience. Sadly, we didn’t see any whales! But with that, they give you a card so you can come back another time for free! Although seeing no whales sucked, it was still so much fun because we got an awesome boat ride out of it. We went in the middle of the afternoon and they said you have a better chance of seeing the whales in the morning! I guess better luck next time.

📍Honolulu -> Chicago OHare

As sad as I was to leave, I was ready to be home! I was not ready for that 8 hour flight on the other hand. Hawaii was good to me. I felt so healthy, happy, and care free. Every time I travel, I find myself saying “That was so great, I feel like new person!” but it’s true. Traveling opens my mind to a new world outside of mine. I’m a strong believer that traveling is the best education. I learned so much about the Hawaiian culture and got to surround myself with a mix of races. It was quite beautiful! Hawaii was better than I imagined. It will have a special place in my heart. I’ll forever be grateful for all these wonderful experiences I get to go on! Hopefully see you soon Hawaii!

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