Hi everyone, happy Thursday. I hope you all had a great Easter weekend and continue to have a great April! Isn’t crazy we are already 1/4 of the way through the year?! Time always seems to fly by.

I promised myself this year that I would be more transparent with you guys. I wanted to be open and share exactly who I am; whether that be the best moments of my life or what I’m struggling with. With that, I have been slacking. When things aren’t going right I don’t really post. It’s not just here on the blog, it’s all my socials. Especially Instagram, for a while I was trying to post every other day and comment on all my blogger friends post everyday. After a while I felt as if it was consuming my life. I didn’t have the energy for it all. I felt like too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

Most of you know and if you don’t, I struggle A LOT with being chronically ill. That’s why I made this blog. It became a hobby so I could connect with others and stay busy. I still want that but it can be hard at times. Things have been a little hectic this past month with holidays, school, and being sick. I try to write whenever I can. I probably have 6 post in my drafts incomplete because they require a bunch of time taking photos/videos, editing, and the finishing touches. Blogging takes a lot which I sometimes underestimate just how much. It’ll get done eventually, I promise! I want to post something I love, not just scramble up something because I have a posting routine. Once summer comes, I’ll be posting a lot of content I love and hope you guys will too! Everything is better in the summer.

I’ll do a post eventually about being chronically ill and what I’m sick with in the future! It is a little all up in the air at the moment. As of now, I would like to hear from you guys! What content do you want to see! Let me know down below 🙂 I post every Thursday, see you guys soon!

Love, Andi

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