Hi everyone!! Recently I received The Discover Bracelet from Verve. I am totally in love with it!! It’s hand made out of hemp wood and has their cute silver logo bead in the middle with a silver magnetic clasp. It comes in 2 colors, a hazel brown and canary brown. I have the hazel brown. It’s very minimalistic and yet so beautiful!!

I love it because it’s a purpose bracelet! It’s suppose to give you that daily motivation as an investment to yourself. It is a symbolism of taking a step into the unknown, and stepping out of your comfort zone creating self growth!

If you care about the environment just as much as me, these are great! Not a single tree gets cut down to makes these! (Protect them all while we can!!) The bracelets are made out of hemp chives which is a renewable natural source. Isn’t that awesome?!

Stepping out of your comfort zone makes you do things you never thought you would. Who knows, you might discover something you truly love. Learning who you are and what you like is a trial and error process. There’s nothing like investing in yourself. Whether that be making memories, prioritizing the important things, or taking more time for self care!!

I love this brand and I hope you will too! Definitely check out their new bracelet and tell me what you think! They ship world wide! If you end up getting something from VERVE, let me know down in the comments below or over on my Instagram/Twitter! 💕

Love, Andi

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