Hi guys! My family and I went on a vacation here this past July and I figured I would tell you all about it. I always had this idea of wanting to live in Utah without ever even visiting there before. So when I found out that we were going, I was SO excited. & it was even better than what I was expecting. The beauty of anything and everything amazed me. I come from a place where your backyard is a cornfield. So the change of scenery in southern Utah was so nice. Imagine having your backyard being a canyon filled with vibrant colored sand and rocks. In my opinion nothing could beat that unless it was the tropics but I’m also very bias, LOL.  


This was my favorite activity out of the whole vacation. It was SO fun. We did the UTV Extreme Tour where they drove you. I am so glad we went with that one. It made it so much more fun and I was able to enjoy everything in the moment without a worry. Whenever we stopped the views were unreal. It all just made me feel so alive. It is for sure something I think everyone should go out and experience at least once in their life. It is located in Washington, Utah. You get to see so much in the amount of time you choose, I recommend it 100%.  Click here for their website! 

Snow Canyon State Park 

Utah is SO beautiful and this park, especially. It costs $10 per car to get in. Let me tell you, timing is everything and we went at the wrong time. Oh boy, was it HOT but it was totally worth it. If you enjoy hiking I really recommend checking this place out. We started on the Butterfly Trail then intersected onto the Lava Flow Trail. The Butterfly Trail was cool because the rocks looked like waves. You won’t find that many butterflies even though it is in its name. The Lava Flow trail was so neat because you literally got to see where the lava flowed, along with lava tubes and lava bed caves. Since the lava rocks are black it made even more hot. I think the best time to go is early morning or during sunset hours. It is so important to go prepared. Make sure you bring water and sunscreen with you because it is very easy to get dehydrated and burnt in the sun and heat. If you want to learn more about it check out their website here!


Cliff Side Restaurant

This was one of my favorite places we ate at during the whole trip! It is exactly as its named, it is a restaurant on the side of a cliff. The view of St. George was amazing. The people were very kind. The food and drinks were fantastic. Overall it is quite the experience. It is on the pricier side but you are also paying for the view. I think anyone in the area should at least go once. Check out their website for more info here! 

I’ll be posting more blog post about Arizona and Nevada soon! So be on a look out for those. Follow my Instagram so you don’t miss out on what I’m up too! Thanks for reading, be back soon!


Andi Kubichek 

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